Russian producer quartz raw materials
Sverdlovsk region, Pervouralsk,  
Novoalekseevskoye village, Geologicheskiy lane, 1

History of the company

The history of the company goes back 70 years.

The history of the company goes back 70 years. In l937 All-Union trust №13 of National Commissariat of Defense Industry of USSR was founded in Moscow, and at the end of 1937 - Uralsk branch of the trust №13 in Sverdlovsk with the task to wide develop exploration of piezoquartz within Northern and Southern Urals (order of People's Commissar of Defense Industry № 413 on 11th of December l937). In 1940 the Ural office of the trust №13 was transformed to Middle Ural Expedition, and from 15th of June 1962 to expedition №101 with the purpose to discover the deposits of piezoquartz in Middle Urals.
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In addition to prospecting and exploring piezo-quartz deposits, the expedition has studied and mined vein quartz with transparent sections since 1956 and, since 1959, granulated vein quartz as a substitute for rock crystal for melting special quartz glasses.
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By 1975, the expedition was ranked number one in the USSR for the production of quartz concentrates, including those of high chemical purity.

Further historical milestones of the enterprise: 1978 - expedition No.101 is transformed into the Central Urals Geological Exploration Expedition (CUGEE).

1985 - detailed exploration is completed and commercial development of the largest in Eurasia Svetlorechenskoye deposit of milky-white vein quartz is commenced.

1991 - CUGRES was transformed into the Central Urals State Geological and Industrial Enterprise (CUSGIE).

2001 - TSUGPP was transformed into the Central-Ural Federal State Unitary Geological and Industrial Enterprise (FSUE Tsentralno-Uralskoye).

Since 2016, the enterprise has been reorganised into Joint Stock Company Central-Ural.